Sunday, December 1, 2013

A Day in the Life of Ukraine...


You're right, I'm not in Ukraine at the moment. If I was, I'd be making careful note of everything, because today, December 1, is A Day in the Life of Ukraine.

Remember this project? It's the cooperative writing project, where we ask everyone to tell the true story of his or her day. It's the fourth time this project has happened-- can you believe it? And can you believe it's today?
I'm not organizing the project this year, and I didn't pick this day. However, if you follow the news of Ukraine at all, you know that there happens to be a lot going on today.

I will write about my day, though, and I will reflect on this news. If you're in Ukraine, please share the story of your Day by following the instructions here. Submissions are due by December 7.

If you're not in Ukraine, I welcome you to share your story or your thoughts here, and we'll likely link to the ADITLOU page. You can email me, message me on Facebook, attach a file to a smoke signal, or just leave me a comment below, and we'll work it on out.

Be safe, be strong, and tell your story --

Thank you!


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