Monday, March 22, 2010

picture post- 22 march

Heya! Here are some more happenings, freeze-framed for your convenience. :)

- group of teachers I was teaching at the recertification institute
- selling flowers for women’s day outside of the central department store downtown
- St. Nicholas’ Ukrainian Orthodox church
- Taras Shevshenko deciding whether to give a speech on his birthday or not
- grafitti in Lutsk of Lutsk, more or less
- my desk, decked out
- pussy willows, with hopefully the last snow of the season as a backdrop
- Maria, my tutee, at her showcase concert
- Maria, with accompaniment
- St. Patrick’s Day, so slightly more green than usual…
- an adorably logoed language school where a few of us helped out
- WWII memorial
- WWII memorial, II
- some kind of museum